Chapter Fifteen: When The Lights Go Out

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Hello again.
News: Kyrie is a little closer to the big girl toilet. I’ve yet to come up with something for Sera.

If I ignore it, maybe it’ll go away?

Oh, for christ’s sake. What is with this guy and getting nicked?!
That’s the third time he’s been caught by the police. How fun.

‘You can pick up your belongings on the way out. We don’t want you trying to escape with that Newspaper.’

Oh, these things always crack me up, because I’m trying to imagine what damage Barrett could do with ‘that Newspaper’. Whack the guards and little old ladies on the head with it? Start the River Valley Papercut Massacre? (That would be interesting to see, actually)


Just felt like taking a peek at the girls eyes to see if either of them have picked up Aria’s eyes yet… Sera hasn’t. She has Barrett’s eyes. Kyrie has George’s eyes. So, no-one yet. Shame.

Where are ya, you damn squirrel?!

We now have a new bench… Like Barrett was just taking the piss, he gets released and Whoops!! He stoled something again! He’s also dead tired so – naturally he scuttles off home after this.

We also cart lovely Aika off to the theatre to set up some gig so she can complete another opp. Yay?

Why is this person a glowy?

Because she’s a ghost. Yeah. Silly me.
Looks like she’s taken over her bed again, it’s like she was never gone.

I’m kind of happy, because my dad pretty much just installed my new vid card, so I no longer have crappy graphics. Good, no?

The baby was like Fluffy, an absolute monster unless you put her to sleep with music.

I reckoned, since Coda was too tired to fulfil her ultimate dream of teaching little Sera here to walk, I’d have Aika improve her musical skill. Yeah, by playing the guitar. Sera certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Aika wasn’t sure what she was pulling out, but she kept at it.

I then sent her to do a little fishing before she went to work.
Well, she had a wish to do it, so I thought why not?

Dhia! Put that thing away!

Kyrie uses the potty, bringing her closer to being viably potty trained, slides off, and promptly craps it in her nappy. How very ironic.

Never again” he said to himself.

Hmm – first time I’ve seen George here, I wonder what he’ll do?

So far I haven’t had to worry about ghosties stealing the beds, as there are a few unused ones, but some inkling tells me that it’s only a matter of time.

So, George seems to think it’ll be funny if he goes and rapes a chair. Uh – possess it and make it jump about. Yeah, I’d meant to say that. It’s a pity no-one was sitting on it really, I bet they’d have one hell of a ride.

Hmm – his eyes look funny.

A little mewsprint for ya:

– Serenata has now been potty trained. All hail.
– Barrett has been caught AGAIN. What is up with this guy?
– Sera can walk
– Kyrie can talk – always dangerous
– Kyrie is potty trained. Yay.

Nom Time.

You know, the music that comes on when a burglar is about always freaks me out. Especially when I pause, look, and see no burglar. Y’know what I mean?
It’s just scary.

Aika had no clue who was behind her. Watching. Waiting.

I loved the sinister feeling I got when I saw this.
Probably, George is just enjoying watching his daughter play, but I liked to joke that it was really the ghost of Jigsaw behind her. Which then got me thinking what sort of trap he might do, and why.
Give herself a ghost hand or die in a nasty fire perhaps?
Deafen herself or lose her arms because her music is so horrible? I’d find that quite insulting, because Aika’s music is not horrible. Not in the slightest.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Aika advanced to level 7 on the guitar. Bring out the chocolate and cheesecake!

That has got to feel weird.

More hi-jinks from the Deceased George/Jigsaw Libellula. This time he kidnaps Sera, our heiress. An attempt to torment his eldest daughter perhaps? Please. As if that could be true. Right? Yup – I think so.

You know, I’ll end this for today. Come back for birthdays and more in…
Chapter Sixteen: Revolution Is The Gimmick

See ya then.


Chapter Fourteen: We Meet Again

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Wicked witch of the west… in her nightie!

Why hello there! Lets get Aria on the treadmill! Just wait until she gets of the crapper…
Oh shit.
Damn it. Ah well. You have to admit though, her expression is hilarious.
Lets close up on that…

I will return – and then you’re gonna burn.

Hmm, what’s that, Aria? I’m gonna burn? Yeah. I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice. Famous last face though, I love it.
Is gonna suck for the rest of the guys though, I really should’ve killed Symphy earlier on, >_>

Even death bowed down to her. Now there’s some respect for ya.

Aww – Everyone looks pretty darn sad. George is all *sigh* – even Barrett gets the vibes, and he’s all locked up in the brig. Dang – that’s the second time as well, he is a really bad thief. Or just really unfit. I think I have him set to work out. I don’t remember, since these pictures were taken like… last week or something. I went to a  music course – which rocked by the way. We got to compose an’ stuff.
Plus it’s really nice to go some place where everyone’s as insane as you are.

I so totally loved my composition – When the lights go out. Which is by the way now the name of the next chapter. Surprisingly early decision, that.

Mother and Daughter, dead as the other.

By the way, I can’t remember what the epitaph read. Something like ‘The beginning’ or whatever. I can’t be arsed to load up the sims and check. Cause it’s like – EFFORT.

Edited in… I happened to be on the game and looked at the Epitah. It reads
‘Sweet Aria, Drawn to a Close.’

There ya go.

Must… Use… Computer!

Cause I want this one to actually reach her LTW so I don’t feel like a failure, I get Coda on the computer because her writing needs to be brought up. I start her on a fiction novel, because I’m cool. Perhaps I should’ve done a drama though… ah well. It’s called ‘Eden: Broken Things’

Coda gets $9 for every few chapters she submits to the publisher. Well, you gotta start somewhere.

As he watched his body die away, he closed his eyes. He didn’t want to look any more.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. TS Eliot said that. He’s certainly right on this part. George just… faded away. At least he’ll be with Aria forever now. Ooh – Ghost sex. And no-one will stop them. Except maybe an exorcist. Or in this case the Repo man.

The whole death part was a drag though, cause Grimmy appeared in the wrong room. An he’s all ‘WTF I can’t do my job now? There’s a WALL in the way’ Yeah, there’s such thing as a door, you know, Grim. Try using one?

I ended up having to use moveobjects to get him to finish off.

Snoozes are theys who loozes.

Seems everything was a  bit much for ol’ Barrett here…
The odd thing is, he got into bed, and then got out again – to promptly collapse on the floor. Later though, he said that he didn’t collapse. He was just walking, and floor kept getting closer and closer and closer.

Say it with me, folks. Epic Fail.

Okay, he didn’t say that. My sister said that to my mum when she was in the hospital and drunk. The annoying thing is she didn’t suffer. Nope, no hangover. She got a hydration drip.


Kyrie grows up and is still bald. I’ll have to sort that out though. Haha she’s all ‘Hey! I’m bigger! *Looks down* nope, nothing’s changed there though.’

Topless Sparklies.

A Dhia –  it looks as if Sera’s trying to act like one of those models or big celebrities. Ina photoshoot. See the lack of a shirt? And the sexy pout? Ahhh Sera’s gonna be getting a lot of male attention. Tehehe.

Nice bench, can I stroke it?

Meanwhile, Barrett goes and indulges his more Kleptomanic nature. I’d intended on trying to get him to steal the tragic clown grave – Senny suggested it a while back. It wasn’t there. I may return him to the graveyard at one point. And I’ve just realised, Barrett has no chance of getting his LTW. He’s like – 3 days from becoming an elder. Ah well. Doesn’t stop him from stealing though.

The lights hypnotises Barrett. It’s the defence mechanism.

He then goes to some bitch’s house and is mesmerised by a nearby light. He must have it. So he taketh it. We now have an extra light and bench. Tee Hee.

I may be dead and all, but I’m still your sister!

Indeed you are, Symphony. Shame on you, Aika!
Like we care.
The twins encountered each other as they were doing… whatever they do. For Symphy? Being ghostly. For Aika? Clearing up after a little night time snack. I almost expected Symphy to go ‘booger booger!’ at Aika, and I think she contemplated it, but she just didn’t have it in her. Aika meanwhile, just goes about ignoring her sister. I don’t think Symphy liked this. Just look at her expression.

That’s my guitar” The woman thought bitterly.

I was bored, and Aika had a wish to get tips, so I sent her to the park to play the guitar. It didn’t really help that Aika was ready to start using the bushes as a pillow.
At first, no one comes at all, but then we get a few people who come to watch but they. Don’t. Tip. You would think they’d be a bit more useful and actually put money in the case.

So, sad and forgotten, Aika packs up her case and heads home home to sleep. But wait! There’s some money in here! 11 Simoleons, to be precise.

You know.. ever since I’ve gotten back from that music course, everything’s been so dull and boring. I wanted to start writing something musical, but I couldn’t think of anything. I may do something image/poetry related at one point… I’ve actually thought of something now… hippie dee…

I’m secretly frying your brain cells.

Well, where’s your hair-dryer, noh? Pon and Zi reference, sorry.

Anyways… Barrett tries to make himself useful and sits down to try and teach Kyrie to talk. The key word being ‘try’. Kyrie seems more interested in his Pyjama top.
That’s real healthy, Kyrie.

This is interrupted though, by Sera’s wailing and hunger, so, as Barrett rises to tend to her, Kyrie amuses herself with the peg box.

Mama, I canna stand!

I feel sorry for Coda, she hasn’t left home in ages. I’ll send her out to a movie or something. Bistro…
Anyway, Kyrie is being educated further – being taught to walk.
Happily fed and cleansed, Sera is amusing herself with the mini-Xylophone. I have… what, 4 days to stuff as much knowledge into these little girls heads as I can, before they grow up. That’s slightly daunting really, as you have to keep the teachers happy, too…

Having no molecular substance could sure be annoying sometimes.

As you can see, Aria goes on her first walkabout since she died. It would appear that her first conquest was to possess the upstairs toilet. Which is a little odd, that toilet was literally the last thing she used before she snuffed it. Coincidence? Most likely.

Challenge: Do 10 hops on a moving treadmill.

Barrett woke up halfway through the night, fully rested. Couldn’t think of something for him to do, so I made him do something that might help him, noh? Exercise is always good. Especially if you’re a criminal.

Can you say ‘Every Cloud has a silver lining?’

Seeing as Barrett wants to rest, and Coda wants to feel clean, Aika decides to be a good Aunt and take over on the spoon feeding of knowledge. I do so love Aika, she is so lovely. As Sera learns about the sexy weatherman on BBSim News,  Kyrie hits out a smoky jazz number. Sure.

Is that…. a baby?

No, Coda. It’s a rock. Get your eyes checked.
So – Coda was going nuts from being inside all the time so I sent her outside. (Imagine the theme to ‘Come Outside’ coming on)
To the sim version of Stonehenge, so she can collect stuff. She got a lot of rocks, a butterfly, and a ladybird. She was also rather tired, so after that she went home.

Do you like my new feather boa, sweetie? It’s made from Magic Fireflies.

So – Coda is now an adult. Yay?
Other news – Sera can talk. Kyrie can almost walk. Wow – lets go put that in the Guinness book of ‘almost’. Yay – we can have Coke and Chocolate Cheesecake!

Maybe I should try thinking it to life…

Coda finishes her first book, and she will receive in total, 286 simoleons worth of Royalty. Not much, I know. But it’s a start. We all need to start somewhere.
News – Kyrie can walk.

Now, since I’m going to go away in the morning, I think I’ll end this one here. I had been planning to leave it when the todds grew up, but… what you gonna do?

So, come for some ‘I haven’t the foggiest what’ll happen’ fun next time in Chapter Fifteen: When the Lights go Out.


Chapter Thirteen: In The Darkened Underpass

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Thirteen. And it’s Friday that I’ve started writing this. That’s a bad combination if you’re superstitious. Which I’m not. So, onwards.


I added to the house again! Whatever, I needed to. I plan on marrying Coda to this guy, so I’ll need the extra space. Either way, the living room has been moved upstairs, there’s new bathroom, a bedroom and a nursery. Oh, there’s also an empty room, which I don’t know what to do with yet. I’ve also started designing a new house,  I need the practice anyway. Was based of an image I saw of a house over in London. Looks pretty simple as well. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start building it by the start of Gen. Three, who knows.

Uh, I’m sorry, love. I think I’m getting a hairball.

So, Coda – decked out in her awesome bee top – takes Barrett out to the porch, and sinks to one knee, taking out a box. Barrett gasps and jumps about before taking the ring onto his finger and gazing blissfully at it’s pretty sparkles. Does this seem a little upside-down to you? I’m sure, because women proposing to men is not a commonplace occurrence that I know of. That’s going to change..

Coda was grimacing at the fact she had glued to dress to her breasts to stop it falling..

They got married shortly after. It was fair convenient that Barrett was already dressed so formally. I thought.. Why not – I’ll get Coda in the dress too. Her expression slightly reminds me of Peter Pettigrew… Hmm…

For some odd reason, the evil lord’s outlet was gardening…

Yes, that is a little odd. I guess. Either way, the night before, the happy couple were too tired to bonk their bodies together. So the minute I got them to the bed, they fell asleep. Damn. Anyways, Barrett felt like gardening, so I let him. Why not. Since Aria is ready to pop her clogs, I need someone to take care of the garden after her.

She felt it was like a Saw game…

Symphony was a little tired, so I got her to go to bed.
She then got to her room, and felt like painting, so turned around to leave. But hold on…

Where’s the door?

Bee girl want paint.

Oblivious to her younger sister’s predicament, Coda goes to start painting. I had her to a still life. Of Symphony. Meaning a portrait.
Well, the lass is going to die, so I may as well squeeze one last point out of her.

Night fell, and needs arose.

Indeed it did, and I needed to get these two into a romancing mood to start making babies. On a whim, I also gave Coda the fertility treatment.

BAM – went the headboard. SMASH – went the window.

Heh – the headboard is right by the window, what did you think would happen?
Either way, this action was repeated so many times because I couldn’t hear the bells.
Well – you might call it overdone. I call it thorough.
Thorough is good. Uh-huh.

I must.. have.. that.. CARROT!

Aria is so close to 90 now, I thought it wise to get her as far up on these things as I could on her free days. I’m still hoping she’ll reach her LTW – although it seems unlikely now. That’s a pity, really. I’ll keep trying though.


Yeah. I think she’s pregnant. Yup.
Give it a few days and we’ll meet the babies. I shall need to find some more names. I hope to get a boy at some point, so I can name him Alto or something. Ha ha.
And that is funny – why? I dunno.

Mosaic picture. Nice.

So, Symphony’s portrait is finished. I’ll go frame and hang it while I think of an appropriate name…

The last image of Symphony.

So, I decided to name this painting ‘A Shattered Symphony.’
It is strangely appropriate isn’t it? Which is the point, but whatever. Either way, the painting itself looks shattered, and shattered can be related to death. Mhmm. Yeah, I like that.

Baby Bump. Oh yes.

So, shortly after the painting was finished, Coda started showing! Yippee! She knows she’s pregnant now! Because I figured it out a while back. Yup.

Lets go check on old Symphy, no?

I’m so tired, my stomach is hurting!

That doesn’t even make sense.
So basically, Symphony is dying now, and she’s making a big drama of it. I’ll go re-add the door so the others can mourn and cry about it. Not like this one is gonna complain.

Coda! You were just in time for the cremation!

Ha – I swear, I was loving this. The music was amazing, for one part. Oh – Barrett is his typical self, fiendishly delighted at the fact that he’s seen another person suffer and die. That’s nice, dear.
They were all sleeping previously as you can see – by the fact that they are in sleepwear, no? Yes.

I’m dead? Aww crap.

I managed to get a picture of Sympho before she was swiped away into the land of the dead. Since I starved her to death, she all purple. I like. [Purple is one of my favourite colours, if you want to know] You can hardly see her against the wallpaper, but she does look cool as a ghost. Like she was meant for it… Oho – she was.

The final resting place of Symphony Libellula.

So, this is the start of the graveyard, tucked away in a little corner outside the gallery. I got a printscreen of the epitaph, but I can’t be bothered to bring it up right now. Either way – it reads ‘Symphony – Finally Silenced.’ This is a little bit of bad humour on my part, for you see, I have been to a symphony – one of Bruckner’s at the Barbican in London.
And they are LONG. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever end. I mean – it sounded nice an’ all, but it got tedious after a while…
Anyway – that is the explanation for her epitaph.

Welcome to the land of baby elephants.

I got started on the nursery, since Coda continues to grow. This is the first version. It’s edited later on, but the colour-scheme stays the same. Pretty, isn’t it? Felt that pastels would be a good sort of colour to use, and the elephants? Ever heard of Dumbo? Then there’s a few children’s shows where multicoloured elephants are shown. I can’t remember their names, sadly.

Coda’s latest work – Inspired by ‘The Snowman’.

Got Coda straight to painting, I don’t care about the fact that they just lost a loved one. Aren’t I nice? Anyway, I do like this picture. It’s very nice, I think I’ll keep it. For some reason ‘Walking in the Air’ comes to mind…

Somehow I don’t think he noticed she’s in labour.

Oh right! Either the baby has tiny horns on it’s feet and is kicking really hard, or we got that baby coming! I think it’s the latter. Barrett! Drive her to l’hopital!

Kyrie – the firstborn.

So – Meet Kyrie! I called her Kyrie because there is a chant ‘Kyrie Eleison’ which means ‘Lord Have Mercy.’ It was also the name of a character in Devil May Cry 4 – but that has nothing to do with it. It is a pretty name though. Kyrie is Neurotic and a Couch Potato, and likes Kids music, French Toast and Irish Green. Whooperda.

Serenata – the Heiress.

And here is our little heiress. Serenata – which is Italian for Serenade. There is also a restaurant in Ros Cré called La Serenata. Also, irrelevant. Serenata is Artistic and Evil, and likes Pop, Fruit Parfait and Spiceberry. That is a pinky plum sort of colour. Ah hell – this will be interesting. A child who is evil through and through!

Dude, Where’s my feet?

So, Sympho decided to go walkabout tonight. She’s no longer a haunting virgin, whooperda. She is however, a sexual virgin. That I know of. Maybe she had a second persona that I didn’t know of, one that was not so virtuous. Who knows, maybe her spirit will rape people to make up for what she missed in life. I hope not, I’d never sleep safe again.
Excuse my very odd mind.

Ho Shit, It’s the Cheese!

Ah, Barrett got arrested. Tee Hee. I suppose it was coming, the police aren’t stupid, you know. That we know of. I imagine they’ll have a secret Big Brother type scheme going. That would be annoying. But of course, Barrett will return. The evil can never be tied down! Plankton will rule the universe!

Anyway, I’ll bring this to a close, I’m assuming there will be another death in the next chapter. Maybe two, considering the ages of our elders.

So go back! Back to your normal lives!
Just remember that Chapter Fourteen: We Meet Again
will be waiting for you. See you then.

Chapter Twelve: The Soul is Not So Vibrant

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Right… so. A little note,another author – Senny Pain (or Payne? Can’t remember) – the author of ‘the Superbia Matriarchy.’ is redesigning the legacy house for me cause mine was getting too much like hers. Obviously this was annoying to her (understatement) and I don’t blame her. I’m gonna move the current house into one building cause the whole similarity thing was annoying me as well. Okay – no, it wasn’t that, it was I have no creativity, despite what some people say.

And they say Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Yeah, right. I’d rather I didn’t do that. No seriously.

Temporal Additions.

I reckoned, even though Senny has opted to design a Victorian era house for me instead of killing me (thank you Senny), I’d get rid of the multiple buildings thing and add onto the main house as you can see. Put it this way, Senny is friggin’ awesome architect on the sims, having seen what she can do, so let’s imagine her as one of those good quality clothes shops you can find, stuff like Diesel and everything. In comparison, I am Primark. I do cheap shitty versions of the good stuff. How do you find that for an analogy, hmm?

So, the Libellula has a new living/study room. Yes.

I’ve got the You-Don’t-Want-To-Play-With-Me Blues.

So, this is the view of the new living study room from the dining room, I added a see-through door and windows (because windows are always see-through), so you have a pretty good view of the new addition. Sure, why not.
Oh, and there are those weird looking beam things because I’m that cool. Indeed.

Tell me, what easel is bigger?

The more study like area of the living study room. That’s a chess set down there, in case you didn’t know. Also, more of those beam thing. I’ll give you a ha’penny if you can guess what they really are. Actually I won’t. Granted that I do actually have a ha’penny somewhere, but I ain’t giving it up. My great aunt Anne over in Monkstown, Ireland gave me that.

Sea View Galleria.

So, if you go through those cool looking saloon doors you saw a few pictures back, you enter the gallery. Currently, it only contains tripping Aria. Speaking of which, I should update the about page, no? I haven’t got to it yet. Silly Airini.

Coda was positively buzzing when she completed this…

Ok, so maybe this isn’t Buddha. It looks more like some kind of roman warrior. Anyway. Let’s frame this and get it to… *brings up opportunities* Shavonne Kowling! Now…

Where does she live?

Promo Level 7
Aria’s been promoted!

So, Aria got promoted. Yay! She is now at level 7 on her job, 3 more to go. Let’s hope she doesn’t die first. That would be bad. Well – it would suck, to say the least.

Painting Oppurtunity
Bee’s knees, yes, indeed.

So, I got Coda’s opportunity finished, woop woop! I did not realise Shavonne was a teenager. Odd that. Oh, and Coda got a job! Uh –huh, she a paper girl now. Will be a good opportunity to get her to meet someone. After that, I’ll remodel the house again to make for said mystery sim. Maybe I’ll do a granny house for the two elders? Dunno, I’ll add another level though. Yes indeed.

See, she thinks it’s gonna light up when she claps twice.

Ok, just thought this was funny, so what the hell. Granted, Spag Bol is Coda’s favourite food, so naturally she’s happy to eat it. I just think it’s weird that they decide to do a clap and cheer every time they’re about to take a bite, making it take much longer for them to finish. I’m sorry – did I miss a wink and a twirl from Mrs Spaghetti in her new tomato dress? Hmm? Yes, I did say Mrs. She’s married to MR Mince. You can tell – I mean, it’s obvious – the guy’s all over her.

That looks like a load of red stuff. Oh – it is.

Hmm – Remember how I said I got Coda into the journalism career in the hopes she would meet a man to marry and have babies with? Yup – well, it wasn’t that successful, she did meet a guy, but he doesn’t look all that interested. I ended up guiding her to the park in the hopes that there might be someone. Well – that’s how Aria met George. Turns out she did, some long haired rocker-type guy called… Barrett Ledbetter. Seems ok. Oh – and guess what, he’s single! Even better!

Anyway, I was bored so I went and had Coda do a self-portrait after work. Looks nice, to be honest, real nice. I’ll just frame that and get in the gallery…

Green, Red, White and Blue. It looks like France and Italy got together and had babies!

Oh, did I forget something? Ah – of course. Naming it. Either way, here is Coda’s Self Portrait: Her Crimson Coda. Maybe I shouldn’t have given it such a cliché sounding name, but  I didn’t really want to go for ‘Her Bloody Coda’. I like ‘Crimson Coda’ better. See? It even has alliteration.

It’s the curse of the Magic Fireflies and a Time lord Regenerating all in one!

Hey! I forgot it was Aika’s birthday! Neat! Now I’ll know what her Lifetime Wish is! Yayness! I must say, this is rather cool picture, it looks like she’s about to break apart like MR Smith did in Matrix 1, or that she’s about to regenerate into a new Time Lord. Neither seem likely. Although… I swear I saw someone leap into her a few moments before, and this is a Virtual Reality. Just like the Matrix.

Aika traits - Adult
Daredevil. Yeeowww.

So, we gots ourselves another Daredevil. Nice. By the way – that was randomised. Not knowing is fun. Besides, if you keep choosing the traits without the dice you just end up with variations of the same thing. That’s just boring. Oh yes.

Ltw - Aika
Aika’s Lifetime Wish.

Right, that’s Aika’s Lifetime Wish. EH – she was Virtuoso from the start, why not. Aika wants to compose music for Movies – Ooh, that’s what Sara wanted to do! Hi Sara! Look, I’m ob WordPress! MEGALOLZ.
Sorry, that was random. And the Megalolz? I had a Lostprophets t-shirt in mind. Shut up. I don’t care what you think, so you might as well stop judging me.
Skiddly Dee, Skiddly Doo…

I’m guessing Symphy is up next…

She looks freaked.

I don’t blame her. Growing up is a very tingly sensation.
So I was right. Nice. I love her swimsuit. Skulls – for the mighty wolf. Oh yes.

Symphy's traits.  
I hate the outdoors. All that air and flowers… bleh.

Hah – Symphony got hates the outdoors? That’s really… weird. I still haven’t decided at what point Symphony will die, because, I wanted Aria to die first, but… does it really matter? Perhaps it’ll be some time after Coda is married. Hmm…

Ltw - Symphy
Spy Kids Revisited. Oh dear god.

Well, I know she probably won’t get that far, but what the hell. It’s an excuse to get her a job and bring in more money, no? In fact… I actually haven’t updated the house in a while… I mean, Coda’s room will need to be bigger to accommodate for incoming male… Plus, I’ll need another bathroom. I mean, seriously, the whole queuing before school and everything was beginning to annoy me. That will happen sooner or later.  I prefer sooner.

Rinnie’s Angels.

Someone please tell me, why is it that every girl is getting the exact same hairstyle? that’s… not right. I’ll change the twin’s hairs later. Coda’s can stay the same.

Did someone say Ghostbusters? Because this is a little much.

Okay, so I was working on Coda and Barrett’s (the guy in the tux) relationship, and since they were both hungry, I sent them to the apparently Parisian restaurant (judging by the music). When I come out, this fat old woman just suddenly dies.
Oh, by the way, Coda found out three of this guys traits. He’s a Hydrophobic, a Kleptomaniac, and a Book Worm. Should be fun.

While Barrett freaked out, Coda couldn’t even watch.

Ohhhh-kay, I think I just found out another one of Barrett’s traits without Coda’s help. I get the feeling that Barrett is also Evil! That’s great! He is going to be so much fun, I think.

Bond thought he was inconspicuous, but Death was watching him…

Just thought I’d take this picture, that’s good ol’ Death in the corner. I swear, this part was brilliant. I love the music. Is aaaall spoooky. That woman’s voice was really cool and echoic as she pleaded to continue living. Grimmy is all ‘Bah, you go die – BITCH’ and swipes her away. Was awesome.


I think his is a really sweet picture… no seriously. Coda and Barrett are also now dating, but I’ll give it another day of relentless romantic interactions before I get Coda to propose. I shall be fun, I say.

So,I think I’ll bring this chapter to an end… just checked the Media Player. It was ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.’ by The Smiths. That’s a good enough title on it’s own. Who knows, though. I might just do a quote from one of my poem… yes, I write poems.
‘In The Darkened Underpass’ Seems a good title, no?

So, you can probably expect a marriage and maybe a death in
Chapter Twelve: In The Darkened Underpass. See ya there.

Chapter Eleven: Meet My Maker

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I’ll just use lyrics from random songs next time… pff. Is more fun, see?

The Gradient of Osmosis. From High to Low. From Light to Dark. Whatever.

Right this is the picture of Aria finished. Dammit I don’t even see a silhouette! Is just Blue-black gradient… So – let’s sell this one and get onto a new one.

It’ll be Insane…

‘More magic fireflies? Dammit you stupid sparklies’

Grrreat, Aria’s gone wrinkly. Just what I need.
I’ll  just fix her up a bit in createasim and we’ll be good.


You can see the reason why I need to. I dun like her clothes.

One, Two, Skip A Few.

That is supposed to be Aria, and it is. I called it ‘Tripping Aria’ and it is our first portraits. Yay. I changed Aria up a bit as well, I show you later.
Somehow, Coda doesn’t look too happy with the painting. She looks dismayed, for that matter.


‘Symphony was outraged that her  mother did nothing.’

Eh, Aria’s social was down so I had her talk to Symphy for a bit. Was interesting, to say the least. Either way, that is the new Aria there. She dyed her hair again *cough*
George is going for a tinkle me thinkles.

‘Do Dem Lanes, I say!’

Aria makes use of our new swimming pool. Yeah, I know it’s tiny, but it was all I could afford. Yeah. I’ll make it bigger when I have the chance.


Oh – Coda got an opportunity. She is charged with the creation of a larrge painting, and is to deliver it to some lady. I have very little to say on the matter, but she seems to reckon that this lass is a Buddhist? Cause it looks like Buddha.

*smack* Silly Coda, Thou Shalt Not Make Assumptions! You Know That!

Right, I would put the end of that here, so I shall find some random song and choose lyrics. It has been a method I’ve like ditto use for quite some time (surprise surprise,, I’m always quoting lyrics)
Ooh – Psychosocial (by Slipknot for those who don’t know)
So, next time. Some things will happen in Chapter Twelve: The Soul Is Not So Vibrant

So, goodbye all.
Till the fated next time. (What?)

Chapter Ten: Growth Spurts and Dipping Neophobia

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Sisterhood – the tale of two ripped apart.

So, the twins grew up again! I mean, not a lot happened between them so I got bored. Oh – I’m still updating on the house, but I’m starting to get the feeling I have little to no chance of making anything good without copying off someone else’s design. And I am dangerously close to that, it’s not a feeling that I like, either.

aika's traits for a teenager

 Symphony Teen
Aika and Symphony’s traits.

So here are the new traits. I randomised and got bookworm for Aika, as you can see. Lucky her. Because Symph was a lazy bish I was not able to choose the trait so she got ‘Schmoozer’. Meaning – dear children, that she has gone from a lazy bish into a kiss-ass bish. Oh how fun.

o Shiz – my back!

Yes, I think that describes his expression perfectly. HE also looks like he’s been stabbed in the back, well – maybe not If he’d been stabbed in the back, his eyes would be wide open. Probably.
Anyways, George has gone wrinkly!
And, Aria seems pretty close as well, which is annoying. I’ll have to give another go at doing a portrait, because all the others were too dark.
Oh – hee hee, it’s possible George might get fired cause he has too little logical ability. Oops.

Cause United Breaks Guitars..

Yeah – Aika went straight to the guitar. Being virtuoso, she liketh music. I see future rockstar. Maybe. She hasn’t got her LTW yet. She really does look like a female version of her daddy, y’know…
I’m kinda hoping that they’ll introduce more instruments, but it probably won’t be anymore than last time… Piano, Violin, Bass, Drums…
Pity. They should have a Cello!

Dear Godzilla, Why have you not teamed up with Rubberduckzilla?

I seriously think that those two ‘Zilla’s should team up and cause untold destruction. It would be so much fun! Of course, people could die, so they won’t do it. because you see, two Zilla’s would cause the target city to become a kilometre deep crater, and that’s never good. Is it?
Anyway, I’ve gotten Coda started on her writing, cause I finally had enough that I could put the laptop on a desk. Building that crappy extension has left me a little broke, as of late. I’m probably gonna have her doing a spin-class of writing after she finishes school, cause she does that in a few days as well.

If you flash the tomato, it grows better.

Yeah, Gardening in your underwear. Real modest, Aria.
She then goes back inside to tinkle and get dressed, before finishing the resurrection of the tomato plant, and moving on to the apple tree.

A guy that can multitask… now there’s a surprise…

So, I got George the Multitask thing. I’m hoping it will help out a little bit at the least, and his total points are going into the 70’s I think, I’ll do a count later on.

I didn’t think Llama’s could run that fast?!

Oh, Aria got Fast Learner here, this might help speed her along to getting her LTW. I’m hoping so, anyway. I’m thinking she’s close to 80,000 on points… yeah. I’ll have to get a pool sometime soon… heh heh heh…

Uh… Yeah, I’m single.

Well, of course you’re single, you stupid TWAT. You, my friend have one heck of a beer belly. In high school, no one dates a beer belly. Jump on the treadmill now!
I… I thought she had standards…
This is someone Aika brought home. I have – honest to god – no clue why.

I don’t think I need to say this, folks.

Doing your homework in the m iddle of the road? Not a good idea. Bound to get run over. Unless… you want to die. Do you?

Magic Firefly Time!

Great! Coda will have more time to complete her lifetime wish!
Oh, this building here will eventually just be bedrooms and stuff, I’m gonna move this into a different building.

traits - coda
Pfsh – Indiffernce…

I was not indifferent! How irritating…
Ah well, Computer Whiz is a good trait, I’m guessing?
I’m right, the components of this trait look pretty good.

Sombre Paintings – They’re the best.

After growing up into a sexy nerdy bish, Coda gets right onto painting this portrait of Aria. I’m hoping it won’t turn out like a black thing like last time. It doesn’t appear to be doing so…

Writing Lines.

Just thought I’d do a picture of the twins doing their homeworks. Neither seem too happy about it. Oh, by the way – don’t ask why I included ‘Dipping Neophobia’ in the title. Was a lyric that was going through my mind at the time. Yes, Airini thinks of things other than this legacy.

Hmm with the next chapter, I bring a new picture and a new wrinkly.
What shall we call it?
Lets see what Windows Media has to say.. Meet my Maker by Good Charlotte? Okie.

Ok, next time, tune in for Chapter Eleven: Meet My Maker

Chapter Nine: When You Can’t Think of a Title…

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Aria had many a time told Coda to not throw her boomerang in the house.

Well hey now, it appears to be Aika’s birthday? I’m not entirely sure what to add to that but let’s see how she turns out!
I will admit, Aria looks a little evil there, like she’s about to try and give Aika the ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome.’
I hope not, that would be mean.

War of the magic fireflies.

Yes, at this point in life, the magic fireflies come and attack the Sims in their growth spurts, speeding them up. Need I say more?

Oh of course – Hey, that tickles!

‘Stay ah-way, strange man.’

Why, oh why, oh fricking why do all my sims look so… mistrustful in some of these pictures? It really is weird…
So yeah, Aika as a child, she really is starting to look like George now…


More magic fireflies… this time Symphy is the target. Sadly, her growth was delayed by a day due to laziness on my part.
You don’t get to see her face, lovelys, cause you worthless. Kidding! I find picture later on.

Symph's traits
‘Symphony’s traits.’

This time we got excitable for Symphony.Great, just what we need, a hyper kid..
Aika got ‘lucky’ so ya know. Yup, the irish green is smiling down on Aika alright. Funnily enough though, that’s Symphy’s favourite colour…


So, this was supposed to be a painting of Aria. Apparently it was too dark. Ah well, can’t say it’s not modern art.
I have been working on the house, and right now? It’s shit. Basically, I have another building, and that’s it. I can’t think how to make it better. Anyway, off of me complaining how I suck at everything…

Seems that Symphy has started painting…
Yes, that’s lovely, darling… no – it’s shit, but hey, you’ll improve with time!

‘You’ve been promoted!’

Oh yah – Aria got promoted! She’s now at level six, which means I have to get her up four levels before she dies. Great. That means she’s gonna be ripping it in the gym. Just great.